Molly's speech April 21 before the nomination convention at the Spring Hill High School.


On one particular visit, I was asked how my conservative message would change during the summer and fall election campaigns. Let me reassure you.  My issues, my core values, and my approach to problem solving will not change.  What you hear now is straight Molly Baumgardner. If elected, my role as your Senator is to protect the Sovereign rights of Kansans!

Education is our largest issue.  The Constitution empowers state legislature, the people's representatives, to fund our schools which makes up more than 60% of our state budget.  When the Obama administration offered funding for the adoption of Common Core Standards, that was nothing short of offering a poison apple in the form of federal control over our schools.  

Common Core is intrusive and it's wrong for Kansas.  It has a negative impact on school budgets, teacher time and student learning.

Our state legislature needs to grab a wooden stake and drive it through the heart of Common Core.  We need to choke funding at the state level and collaborate with leaders in Indiana, Wisconsin and Louisiana who have turned their backs on socialized education and testing.  We need our elected State Board of Education members to select a new commissioner that agrees Common Core is NOT what's best for Kansas.

But I haven't lost sight of the ultimate goal… it's educating Kansas children.  Math, reading comprehension, writing and science skills must improve.  There must be accountability. Frivolous spending on administrative buildings and administration bloat must end.

Second, is our right to bear arms.  Federal and state governments have NO right to limit, or should I say eliminate, your ability to legally own or use a gun.  I will fight federal or state legislative creep on this issue.

Third, is economic growth.  Entrepreneurial ventures must be supported, not thwarted, to improve the economic health of our state.  Utility competition fosters customer benefits, and TIFFs or tax abatements for large corporate moves are counter productive.

Next, are social issues. I'm a person of faith and my core values are a reflection of my Christian upbringing.

I am absolutely pro-life. Period!  Abortion on demand takes the lives of nearly three thousand unborn children every day. Our unborn children are a living entity.  Their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness must be protected.

I believe we are beginning to address the real needs of families impacted by developmental learning disorders.  I support the autism bill our governor signed last week and will continue to advocate for these families.

Mental illness treatment and support services funding must be restored.  With an increase in violent crimes and suicides in our state, fully staffed treatment centers are necessary. 

And we must uphold our obligation to our Veterans.  We are indebted to the men and women in our military for protecting our freedoms on foreign ground.  They deserve guaranteed services for physical and mental ills caused while bravely serving us in the line of duty.

Finally, I'll use three important documents before making legislative decisions:  the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the proposed bill itself.  

My personal litmus test is:
- Does it align with the Constitution? Does it protect God given rights? Does it limit government?
- Is it ethical - does it minimize harm?
- What's the fiscal impact…to our state, to local governing entities, to Kansans?
And finally,
- is it good for Kansas? 

Serving in the Kansas Senate entails power with responsibility.

A vote for Molly Baumgardner tonight is a vote for principled service for the people of the 37th district!